Model No.
  • Frame
  • Fork
  • F / D
  • R / D
  • Shifter
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  • Description
  • Model no: PC-ZN50QT-A

  • Specification
  • Net Weight 75kg
    Axle Distance 1200mm
    Appearance Dimensions 1709*658*1038
    Max Speed 45km/h
    propositional Loading Weight 150kg
    Displacement 49.6ml
    Brake Mode Disc/Disc
    Wheel size 3.00-10/3.00-10
    Engine No BN139QMB
    Max Power 2.3/8000kw/(r/min)
    Max Torque 3.01/5000N.m/(r/min)
    Fuel comsuption <=2.0L/100km